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TruckandWinch.com Customer Testimonials

I just purchased our 4th Tuff Winch from you today VIA e-bay. So far Shawn Tessman whom ordered one for us and my company are very happy with them. Hope all is well and hope to see the Winches Soon.
- Dustin KD ENT, 04.07.2010
Hi, I purchased a 17,500# winch from you and I'd like to say how pleased I have been with it, I hesitated at first and then phoned you to get the facts regarding it and it has really come up big for me, I use it to haul logs out to the road for my firewood business and some are whoppers. It has been all you said it would be and more, the only problem I had was with the rollers and all it was was a "c" clip that kept falling off letting the roller slip out, I drilled through the top and installed lynch pins and eliminated the problem, I have never contacted a past seller but I felt I had to tell you how happy I am, thanks again,
- Mike Hunter 04.18.2010
I mentioned to my club that I am testing a new winch and if it holds up to my extreme testing, I will be selling them. I immediately had a winch challenge put up by the club to move an 8,000 lb Granite Boulder. The competition brought a Warn 8000 worm drive and subsequently burnt it up. This was after all the talking about how this particular Warn winch has been used to do impossible works. I think he had some degraded wiring issues that pulled too many amps under a full load and caused them to melt down. After that, my turn. I picked up the boulder hoisting it onto a trailer effortlessly and needless to say, won the competition and created some shock and awe in the group. The funny part was the boulder was so heavy (my trailer is very strong) the weight of it on the tail deck of the trailer lifted the tongue and the back end of the my tow truck up so high I had to have another truck pull me across the site to move the boulder. I couldn't get any traction from the rear drive tires because they were barely touching the ground. - Dennis Taylor, Mesa, AZ 05.14.2010